3 Ways To Celebrate Mom

3 Ways To Celebrate Mom!

Every year we have an opportunity to celebrate moms. Here are some unique ways you can celebrate every mom, everyone who has a mom, and everyone who may never be a mom… even single dads!


TRUTH: Flowers are traditional and fun. Who doesn’t love a tiny little plant with bursting color? But….the dirt. It’s tracked all over the foyer and to be honest, Mom will be the one to clean the dirt out of the car, from that precious plant.

CREATIVE: Tag or stick a bow on some packs of flower seeds or even seed embedded paper.

– Now, you’re saying “We love Moms!” without all the clean up.


TRUTH: All Moms love a day off or even a MOMENT off. Yet, even on Mother’s Day, moms rarely get to rest.

CREATIVE: Set up a “mocktail” station at your coffee bar. Orange juice, sparking water, and sweet, plastic champagne flutes make a “mom moment” with a special refreshing drink while they listen to the sermon.

– Now you are a creating a “mom moment.”


TRUTH: Succulents are IN! We see them on every shelf, even the gas station!

CREATIVE: Grab a tray of tiny succulents from your favorite nursery. Have the kiddos in Children’s Church help by planting them in tiny clay pots.

– Now, you’ve get a trendy treat for Mom that takes very little water with minimum mess.


REMEMBER, if you recognize moms in the service, don’t forget the following:

  • Some women DON’T want to be moms.
  • Some women DO want to be moms, yet for a variety of reasons, aren’t moms.
  • Some women have a terrible relationship with their own mom.
  • TAKE CARE to be sure to use language that values EVERYONE.
  • Some dads have the dual role of mom and dad.

REMEMBER, if you are going to give a gift, have enough for EVERYONE. It’s worth the extra effort to include everyone who has the role of mom in your congregation.

FINALLY, it’s okay if you don’t go over the top recognizing moms! A simple mention, thank you, prayer is enough! Do what feels right for your church and setting. You know your people best and make choices that reflect your church culture.

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