Evangelism Staff Training Video Series

Brief "Staff Meeting Starters" from Vineyard leaders on evangelism and church growth.

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Login to your account to see these 17 excellent, short, “Staff Meeting Starters.” 17 videos that are perfect evangelism training for your entire leadership team! These pastors have all had high conversion rates in their local church, and each brief “tip and how-to” teaching gives insights on how your church could see similar growth.

Show a 5 minute video to kick off your staff meeting, and get all your leaders growing in effective evangelism.

Video Sessions

  1. Evangelism: Brad Standfest
  2. Evangelism: Chris Schlotterbeck
  3. Evangelism: Diane Leman and Clay Harrington
  4. Evangelism: Doug Jones
  5. Evangelism: Gail Conwell
  6. Evangelism: Jay Pathak
  7. Evangelism: Jim Bricker
  8. Evangelism: Kevin Fischer
  9. Evangelism: Phil Chorlian
  10. Evangelism: Rich Nathan
  11. Evangelism: Rodney Lawter
  12. Evangelism: Ruben Quintero
  13. Evangelism: Steve Lawes
  14. Evangelism: Thom O’Leary
  15. Evangelism: Tim Holt
  16. Evangelism: Tom Severson
  17. Evangelism: Trevor Estes
  18. Evangelism: Growth In Smaller Churches with Ed Stetzer


Video – Download or stream right in the Vineyard Digital Membership by logging in, and hit ‘play’ or ‘download’!


Files Included:
  • Evangelism: Brad Standfest (MP4) - 0.00P
  • Evangelism: Chris Schlotterbeck (MP4) - 0.00P
  • Evangelism: Diane Leman and Clay Harrington (MP4) - 0.00P
  • Evangelism: Doug Jones (MP4) - 0.00P
  • Evangelism: Gail Conwell (MP4) - 0.00P
  • Evangelism: Jay Pathak (MP4) - 0.00P
  • Evangelism: Jim Bricker (MP4) - 0.00P
  • Evangelism: Kevin Fischer (MP4) - 0.00P
  • Evangelism: Phil Chorlian (MP4) - 0.00P
  • Evangelism: Rich Nathan (MP4) - 0.00P
  • Evangelism: Rodney Lawter (MP4) - 0.00P
  • Evangelism: Ruben Quintero (MP4) - 0.00P
  • Evangelism: Steve Lawes (MP4) - 0.00P
  • Evangelism: Thom O'Leary (MP4) - 0.00P
  • Evangelism: Tim Holt (MP4) - 0.00P
  • Evangelism: Tom Severson (MP4) - 0.00P
  • Evangelism: Trevor Estes (MP4) - 0.00P

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