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Short enrichment Courses & Studies designed for personal, small group, staff, or leadership training.

Why could the question “How is your soul?” be the most important leadership question any of us ever asks? In…    read more 

How do we multiply disciples who then turn and influence others? Leaders speak to what they have learned over the…    read more 

Are signs and wonders at work in and through the Church today, and can we participate in what God is…    read more 

How do we celebrate the tension of living between the Now and the Not Yet of the Kingdom of God?…    read more 

It’s difficult to know who you are if you don’t know where you came from. In this video Course, Steve Nicholson…    read more 

Becoming a mature disciple of Jesus means the transformation of our character into that of Christ – over a lifetime….    read more 

How can we do EDLD – evangelism, discipleship, and leadership development with diverse communities, in the challenging world of the…    read more 

Can we have unity in our diversity, and what can we personally do to build relationships with people who aren’t…    read more 

How can we do church finances well – for the sake of the Kingdom? This excellent course is designed for…    read more 

There are people from every walk of life, and in every tribe and nation, who need to meet Jesus. How…    read more 

In an online generation, every church has to be good at sharing the Gospel in their community – and be…    read more 

“What one thing would you say to churches wanting to reach their community through evangelism?” Pastors from top evangelistic growth…    read more 

Are there lessons we can learn from Jesus, from ancient Christians, and from the wider Body of Christ – that…    read more